In effect since January 1, 2018, the law reforming the rent subsidy widens the number of households eligible for this financial assistance.

Individual housing assistance, introduced in January 2016, can go up to nearly 300 euros per month.

On average, beneficiary households have received 126 euros per month so far.

The government has decided to change 4 parameters in the allocation of aid:

The monthly rent to be paid by the beneficiary must be greater than 25% of the total household income Social transfers will no longer be taken into account in calculating the total income of the claimant household It will require a regular income for at least 3 months at the time of application

The income ceiling chosen to be eligible for this aid is 2,500 euros for a single person, for other types of households, the limit is obtained by multiplying this amount by the number of household consumption units.

To find out if you can reduce your rent, consult the Ministry of Housing’s information flyer.

Applicants must: to be of age, reside legally in the territory of the Grand Duchy, have a low income, rent a home.

The rented accommodation must: to be located in Luxembourg, be a private rental unit, ie not rented by a public body (eg housing fund, SNHBM, municipality), serve for purposes of main and permanent habitation, meet the safety and health standards in force.

The income to be taken into account is the average of the income for the taxation year preceding the date of the application for the assistance, or failing that, the last income known at the time of the grant of the assistance.

The request for this new aid is to be submitted to the office for housing aid.

(Luxemburger Wort)