According to the Liser, the selling price per square meter has been rising steadily since 2008. It takes on average 4.7% per year for the apartments under construction segment, with a peak of 5.7% in the capital.

The steady rise in real estate prices in Luxembourg is not a surprise, but new figures come to analyze more concretely the extent of the phenomenon on the new home market. On the occasion of the 15 th Anniversary of the Habitat Observatory, the Luxembourg Institute of Socio-Economic Research (Liser), with which it works in close collaboration, launches new socio-economic indicators relating to housing . Among these, the average selling price of apartments under construction. It would have grown by 4.7% per year in the last 10 years, says the Liser. Across the country, it costs on average 6.351 euros per square meter in 2017, against 4.204 euros in 2008. It is in Luxembourg-city that this rise in prices is the most striking. The average price of a new apartment increased by 64.9% between these two dates, an average annual increase of 5.7%.

24 OCTOBRE 2018 –