With the deconfinement and the reopening of real estate agencies, visits to housing are again authorized in the country.

However, these must take place in accordance with health rules, in order to protect visitors, property owners and real estate professionals.

To do this, La Chambre Immobilière has drawn up recommendations and offers a visit procedure to guarantee everyone's safety.

Prior agreement
Before the visit, La Chambre immobilière advises professionals to obtain the formalized prior agreement of owners and visitors:

- For the occupant, in the case of a well-inhabited property, sign a declaration on the honor that no person at risk or person who has been tested positive for Covid-19 during the last two weeks is occupying the property
- For the client who visits, sign a declaration on the honor that he is not a person at risk or who has been tested positive for Covid-19 during the last two weeks

Recommendations for the visit
For the protection of all, measures will be put in place by professionals before, during and after your visits:

- Limit the number of people during visits to reduce the risk of meeting and contact: no more than three people (agent included) for a visit.
- Mandatory washing of the estate agent's hands upon arrival at the place of the property to be visited
- Remove the occupants of the property, in the event of a visit to an inhabited property
- Clean the most frequent contact surfaces (doorknobs, tables, etc.) with disinfectant or a regular cleaning product before the visitor arrives
- Ventilate the premises before the visit and open the interior doors of the property
- Organize the provision of documents to minimize contact between the agent and the client
- Favor the reception in front of the building and keep the distance of 2 meters
- Wear protective equipment (mask)
- Do not shake hands
- As far as possible, keep a distance of 2 meters between people for the duration of the visit.
- All consumables used and soiled must be taken by the agent in a closed bag at the end of the visit.
- Provide the visitor with hydroalcoholic gel at the end of the visit
All these measures should allow you to visit the accommodation in complete safety and calmly pursue your real estate project.

Source: La Chambre Immobilière